Saturday, April 5, 2008

Response to making an I Poem for Two Voices

I recently completed an I Poem for Two Voices. The two voices were both Cinderella characters, one being the traditional Cinderella from Perrault's version; the other voice was the Cinderella from the Egyptian version. Given a template was very helpful; however, I felt like this was a very challenging assignment. It is really important to have some background information about the culture the Cinderella's come from, especially if it is unfamiliar to you. I found myself really trying to get inside the heads' of my characters, and it was not easy to do. The book only gives so much characterization, so the rest really has to come from the inferences and research you do. I think that children will love this assignment because it will help them to see the differences in cultures, as well as teach them about characterization. I think that using a creative Venn diagram before completing the poem will also help them to get an idea of the differences and similarities they can use in their poem.

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